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Forgotten password
  • purgency at 2018-04-09

    This thing doesn’t work. I actually do not remember my password – if I ever happen to get logged out I’m screwed.

    I reckon this is a common issue that should be addressed?

  • The_Burglar at 2018-04-09

    email self password

    copy and paste


    change email address

    until password is easy

  • purgency at 2018-04-09


  • The_Burglar at 2018-04-09


    send message to

  • purgency at 2018-04-09

    @Richard Malaschitz hello

    Okay, I send him a message, see above

  • Paul Wiselius at 2018-04-10

    Is there no mail in your spam folder? 

    The last time I used it, it worked ok. But that is maybe a year ago ;-)

  • purgency at 2018-04-10

    Yeah, not in my junk-mail folder either

  • kp4to at 2018-04-10

    i freaked out with this post cause i don’t remember the password as well.
    I just reset my password to wait the e-mail and write down my password...but my password was reset and i didn’t get the Email!!!!so now i’m wrost than before.

  • purgency at 2018-04-10

    Can’t delete my browsers' cookies anymore, because it would delete the login cookie as well. How do I delete my history? This better be settled the next time someone comes over and starts typing “po” into my addressbar. Oof the struggle.

  • kp4to at 2018-04-10

    update: i got it!!! it was in my junk folder. 
    everything good.

  • purgency at 2018-04-10

    Alright I got mine as well. Switching to googlemail worked... for some reason hotmail seems unable to get the mail.

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