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BiggerGolem is back!
  • apetresc ★ at 2017-09-13

    Hey all,

    Some of you may remember the “BiggerGolem” Chrome extension I published about 7 years ago, which added some improvements to the LittleGolem UI (most notably, it added more piece sets to Shogi back when there was only a single one, and it added a toolbar badge that alerted you how many games you had on turn). Well, that extension had slowly stopped working over the years as the site changed.

    A few days ago, a user (Mathijs Claassen) went to the trouble of updating the extension to work with both the newer Chrome extension APIs as well as the new site layout. This inspired be to revive the extension, and I also added a major new feature: additional Chess piece sets and a resizable board (since the blurry 32-pixel pieces look TINY on modern screens). It looks something like this now: 

    Now that it’s working again, I’m happy to add more requested features, or accept pull requests :)

    The Chrome Web Store link to install it on your own Chrome is:

    The GitHub link to contribute is:

    Enjoy, everyone!

  • apetresc ★ at 2017-09-21

    Good news – BiggerGolem is now available for Firefox! :) It’s been approved in the Mozilla Add-on Gallery, so you can grab it at:

    It works exactly the same way as the Chrome version (in fact, the code is completely identical). The only real difference is that in Chrome, you can access the options page for the extension just by right-clicking on the button in the toolbar, while on Firefox you have to go to about:addons in the browser bar and configure it from there.


  • Trevor Cook at 2017-10-11

    I’m glad to see this return! I’ll have a pull request in later tonight for a couple of quick fixes.

  • apetresc ★ at 2017-10-11

    For Reversi players – Trevor Cook’s improvements to Reversi have been deployed to both Chrome and Firefox! Check your BiggerGolem options page to set a new piece set and resize the board to whatever size you like!

    Thanks Trevor! :)

  • apetresc ★ at 2017-10-12

    For Hex players – David J Bush pointed me to a bug in LG itself, that the “Go-style” hex board design is unusable, since none of the intersections are properly linked, so you can’t make a move.

    Version 2.3.0 of BiggerGolem fixes this bug in LG, you can now use that Hex board design if you like. 2.3.0 has been pushed to both Firefox and Chrome, and your browser should update to it automatically. Enjoy! :)

  • apetresc ★ at 2018-01-17

    Another major new release – two major new features in 2.4.0:

    • Major performance improvements in rendering Chess/Shogi boards. The “flashing” on slower hardware should be much less noticeable.
    • Contributed by our very own klaashaas ★ - head-to-head statistics for every player on the site. Whenever you visit someone’s profile or game list, you’ll see something like this:

      Clicking into any game will highlight and color-code your matches against them so you can quickly click into them.

    Enjoy :)

  • Rbpompeu at 2018-01-17

    Cool! Thanks!

  • Rbpompeu at 2018-01-17


  • Carroll at 2018-01-18

    Great enhancement!

    I had to uninstall previous version to get the update.

    Could you please add the rating of your opponent in its list of games and on the first lines use the same colour code (blue for win and red for loss)?

  • apetresc ★ at 2018-01-21

    Carroll: Just to make sure I understand the request, do you mean add their rating at the time each game was played, as a column in the game list? Or just their current rating at the top?

    If you mean the former, that’s probably impossible to do with a browser extension without seriously pissing Richard off – it would require an HTTP request for every game on the list :) If the latter, then yes, that should be doable, but I’m not sure I see the benefit – their rating was visible on the page immediately before this one.

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