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  • Kerry Handscomb at 2016-01-09

    Several great new games on LG recently. Thank you, Richard! I was thinking the other day, all that is missing on LG now in terms of the traditional families of combinatorial games is a mancala game. The standard two-rank game, Wari or Oware, or wharever it is called,  is playable  on many sites already.  But wouldn’t it be great to get one of the high-end four-rank mancalas on LG, like Bao or Mweso? These games are nowhere available to play online.  Just an idea.... Finding the time to play all these games is another matter.

  • Florian Jamain at 2016-01-09

    Abalone ! (-;

  • christian freeling at 2016-01-09

    Not to mention finding time to implement them :)

  • Austral at 2016-01-09

    Quoridor ! !!


  • Florian Jamain at 2016-01-09

    Abalone and Quoridor, okay :P

  • eobllor at 2016-01-10

    Abalone would be great (-:, some interesting variants of the rules could be tested...

  • Ray Garrison at 2016-01-10

    Backgammon won a new game survey at this site quite some time ago, I think that would be a very nice addition.  

  • Carroll ★ at 2016-01-11

    Quoridor on 11x11 !

  • panglott at 2016-01-26

    A mancala game would be great: first Oware, later a more complex game. 

    Cam (or Camelot)

    Another stacking game: Focus, bashni, Emergo, or Laska.

  • christian freeling at 2016-01-26

    I can certainly can endorse Emergo, but I fear that the community may not be quite ready to appreciate its beauty. Its tactics might appear too baffling and beyond any taming by the human mind. Which is almost true in a way because tactical implications in certain positions run deeper than even the expert player can follow through. 

    If Dameo manages to find a following however, then maybe Emego might be worthy of consideration. 

  • christian freeling at 2016-01-26

    Regarding your other suggestions, Focus is a totally different kind of game – a stacking game, but not part of the ‘extended’ checkers family.  I would caution against Lasca. Bashni is, I must admit, great fun.

  • Diamante at 2016-01-26

    Atax, Anti-reversi 10x10, Empaminondas, Flume, Phutball, Surakarta, Tanbo, Kalah, Hexxagon,  “Cribbage and pente” my favorit games

  • panglott at 2016-01-27

    Ataxx is great. 

  • purgency at 2016-01-27

    i would definitely love to see phutball

  • ypercube at 2016-01-27

    Phutball and Trax.

  • jytou at 2016-01-27

    ... and Arimaa... :D

  • morphles at 2016-01-27

    Thanks for new games! Quite some of them appeared in past year, very nice. 

    Still asking is easy :) and many people find many games to ask. So I’ll one.

    Just recently I learned about game unlur (havent played), it seems interesting, as it is asymetric, though it is quite simlar to havannah which is already present, so possibly it wouldn’t be too hard to adapt/reuse havannahs code and have unlur too!

  • Austral at 2016-01-27

    I tried unlur only once but it seems very challenging ! !!

    The asymetrical aspect is interesting :)

    I would love to see it here. ..

  • Kerry Handscomb at 2016-01-27

    Yes, Unlur is a great concept. But there are so many. Chase would be good fit for LG.

  • panglott at 2016-02-04

    Actually, I think you’re right about the mancala games. I like Oware, but it is available everywhere. And there is really no online versions of any of the more complex mancala games except Toğızqumalaq. Bao has major player communities in East Africa, available rules and descriptions, regional game associations, but the closest thing I could find to online play is a site which organizes PBEM tournaments ( ).

  • FauxSloMo at 2016-02-04

    I think the main considerations should be, in no order:

    1. Redundancy (the lack thereof) - somewhat self-explanatory, though must be balanced against the next one.

    2. Player base – will this be a net gain of users to the site, or just redistribute the present users time? The former being preferable.

    3. Compatibility – Arimaa, for example, is a really cool game but would necessitate eight (!) inputs per turn. Granted some of the word games and draughts rival that, but only some of the time, and usually as a sort of reward, i.e. if you need to make eight inputs in draughts you just did something really cool. 

  • mmKALLL at 2016-02-04

    What’s wrong with having eight inputs per turn? Polyomino very commonly has five per turn; if it’s such a great game, no doubt people would play it.

  • morphles at 2016-02-05

    I also see number of inputs like a bit of a weak argument. People even play (and I did for some time) comercial board games on line, like puerto rico, agricola and similar. And there are a lot of actions there, and that is of little problem. (though some games like puerto rico, have something what I would consider “interleaving” actions and that could be a bit annoying with turn based play (though I again I played turn based and it was ok), and especially when time limit is present. In any case it seems unarranted worry.

    Speaking of weird turns, some simultaneous move games would be increadibly interesting, though I do not know many such games, only commercial like 6takes and 7 wonders.

  • FauxSloMo at 2016-02-05

    I don’t mind numerous inputs as a general rule, e.g. they’re fine on the client, but I find them severely annoying here where each input requires a full refresh of the page. You mention Polyomino and I actually love that game but the input thing is the reason I don’t play it here. But clearly I am in a very small minority (possibly consisting of only me), so I guess I was off the mark on that criterion.

    Speaking of good games that may be a bad fit for the format, I think a “Risk-like” would be a strong attraction, where the term perhaps means something other than a strict clone of Risk.

  • Martyn Hamer at 2016-02-06

    While we’re all having our say, Chinese Chess and Backgammon are the games I’d most like to see on here

  • The_Burglar at 2016-02-06

    littlegolem is mostly Abstract Strategy

    more Modern than Traditional

    more Pure than Chance

    Searched for "Two player pure modern abstract strategy board games"

    Stratego          war game, maybe to save time have last setup saved (and edit by swapping pieces)

    YINSH              hexagonal reversi type game with rings

    GIPF                 hexagonal pushing and matching

  • terrance806 at 2016-02-09

     For those of us who have been on the site for a while its clear that the number of active players has declined (please correct me if I am wrong Richard). Obviously one way to bring more players to the site is by increasing the number and types of games. However I think it is important that things are done slowly. There is a genuine risk that  a similar number of players will be spread over a larger number of games, making playing existing games less fun. If people really want to add games more quickly, maybe we should have the other discussion, which games should be removed. Alternatively, it might be good to drop some of the low interest variants.

  • christian freeling at 2016-02-10

    Now that you mention it, I see a similar development at iGGC. LG is turn based which may be an advantage in this respect. Or not, I don’t know.

    But I agree with your argument and I also think we should appreciate Richard’s efforts and the time he already invests in the site, and maybe temper our demands a bit. :)

  • vstjrt at 2016-02-10

    I think some not popular games/variants could have removed infinity but I strongly oppose removing games. We still can have plenty of variants to play in “Rating games” and “User Tournaments”.

    Comparison with igGameCenter isn’t good because “correspondence” format hugely help find opponent.

  • Clark94 at 2016-03-21




  • Clark94 at 2016-03-22

    Has anyone here tried cannon?

  • Elsabio at 2016-03-22

    to Clarck: I have read the rules. Can you explain why Cannon is cool game?

  • Elsabio at 2016-03-22

    sorry 'Clark'

  • Clark94 at 2016-03-22

    Cannon is one of my favorite abstract games.  There are three general concepts about the game that I really enjoy.

    1. The goal of the game is  too capture the town. On your first move you decide where to place it.  This is a huge factor in replayability as, different town placements really impact on strategies.

    2.With the exception of cannon and retreat moves, soldiers must move forwards. This promotes aggressive gameplay and prevents draws (I havent seen a draw yet) .

    3. Cannons are a very unique idea. They’re movement , firepower and how they are “built” are all ideas that i haven’t seen before. 

    Gameplay is a rewarding experience . Some players attack by forming  well placed cannons while others mass groups of soldiers. Cannon feels like it was invented 1000’s of years ago, with its smooth movement and clarity despite being invented in 2003.

  • mmKALLL at 2016-03-23

    In my opinion, the other games in the poll where Draughts was introduced in were quite interesting. I’m especially curious about the (something) poker game.

  • Elsabio at 2016-03-23

    @clark  thanks

  • Rbpompeu at 2016-03-23

    Mancala (oware) would be great!

  • Takvorian at 2016-03-24

    If a Mancala game then I would strongly suggest Toguz  Kumalak. It is probably the deepest Mancala game with an incredibly large player base. If you check iggamecenter you will see that it’s the most played game there by a wide margin. it really deserves a site where one can play turn-based.

  • Rbpompeu at 2016-03-24

    Yeah, Toguz Kumalak is a real dense game, but it may “scare” people due to its complexity. Maybe Bao would be just the job!

  • Takvorian at 2016-03-25

    Toguz Kumalak has a very easy ruleset, you just have to recognize if a pit contains an even or odd number of beans. 

    In comparison to that Bao has a quite complex ruleset, which is not so easy to understand for beginners.

  • alihv at 2016-03-25

    Wow, I’ve looked at iggc stats:

    and I’m amazed that Toguz Kumalak has 4792 plays while the next game has 64. 

  • Takvorian at 2016-03-25

    Yes, as I said the player base is very large, the rules are very easy, there is organized professional play in Kasachstan and Kyrgisistan, so everything speaks for creating a turn-based platform for Toguz Kumalak.

    iggc had to create a special server for Toguz to handle the amount of plays...

  • Rbpompeu at 2016-03-25

    Hum, I’ll check that out, playing some games at iggamecenter just to have a feeling about how it works...anyway, the figures are shocking!!! There is a big community there!

  • Takvorian at 2016-03-25

    The players there are quite experienced. Don’t be surprised if you get some heavy beatings there ;)

  • busybee at 2016-05-03

    Anyone interested in playing : 1. ORDO – an original connection game  2. Epaminondas – a chess-like war game  3. Cannon – a chess-like war game? Please contact Admin asap.

  • Florian Jamain at 2016-08-25

    So, we have :

    Backgammon, Abalone, Entropy, Shacru, Quoridor, Boku.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2016-08-25

    The game of Y!

  • jugular ★ at 2016-08-25

    GIPF, Arimaa, Fibonacci, Veletas, ZERTZ, PUNCT.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2016-09-22


  • varegka at 2016-09-22

    Вashni, Laska, Fokys.

  • varegka at 2016-09-22

    Draughts (шашки) Russian, Brazilian, Canadian, Czech, Turkish (Armenian)

  • mouchet patrick at 2016-11-07

    Unlur and ayu are great games.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2016-11-15

    How about Less (see I just got to know it via

    The interesting part is the randomness of the board layout, and a game should last only a few moves. The four-player variant could also be of interest...

  • ypercube at 2016-11-16

    Interesting game.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2016-11-16

    Looks like a disfigured version of Halma.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2016-11-19

    Yes, that is what I thought. An interesting variant though, because I like short games like EWN ;-)

  • MisterCat at 2016-12-29

    I found this game at a summer garage sale, called ‘Ten-Q’, and the box dates it as 1955.  I just played some games with my mates at work, winning all of them.  None of us had ever played this, but I think that, as an experienced ‘strategist’, I was more able to play moves likely to lead to wins then they were.

    Anyhow, FUN.  It is a peg game, like Twixt or Hex, but also a line game like Four in a Row or Connect 6, however it ALSO features moving the pegs around; this is all the fun, really.  There is also a point system, but that seems incidental to me.

    This would be easy to implement and easy to learn, and is PURE strategy.  BoardGameGeek barely mentions this.  Has anyone encountered this game before?  I will provide more details, if requested.  I know I am happy to own this one, and look forward to playing it some more.


  • Luis BolaNos at 2017-06-15

    I’m glad that my game Veletas has been suggested for implementation here. Hopefully Richard will take into consideration at some point.

  • Force majeure at 2018-10-30

    Hey, do you have any ideas why Unlur is not available on LG?

  • lguser at 2018-10-30

    I would like to see Rekushu on Little Golem. It is a game of making rectangular territory on a square grid by placing stones of your color on the points of the board which make up the vertices of the rectangle and the sacrificing those stones to make the rectangular territory so that there are no other stones on the sides or inside of the rectangle and the rectangle does not overlap an already made territory.

  • panglott at 2018-11-23

    Really, really wishes there was a turn-based server for playing Tak.

  • Rbpompeu at 2018-11-23


  • mouchet patrick at 2018-11-26

    Ayu and yodd are deep and deeply new games with unique mechanisms. They deserve to be played here.

  • simpledeep at 2018-11-26

    Yes, it’s unfortunate that we don’t have a Luis Bolanos Mures game (like Veletas or Yodd) here yet. Another one of the most important modern combinatorial games is Oust (hex version is most popular) by Mark Steere. These kinds of games certainly don’t have the “pop hit” status of other modern abstracts that have been physically published. But they get FAR more respect from other game inventors, and represent the state-of-the-art for the field in my humble opinion.

  • mouchet patrick at 2018-11-26

    I wholly agree with simple deep.

  • lguser at 2018-11-27

    I would also like to see Yodd on LittleGolem.

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